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Our team members are highly qualified in the medical sciences and/or dentistry, have substantial professional experience and are native speakers of English, Japanese or both. Therefore, you can be confident that any work we carry out will be done to a high standard, with any revisions made accurately reflecting the original content you provide. 


Our medical writing services extend to a wide variety of document types, including (but not limited to) medical reports, research manuscripts, regulatory documents and digital artwork.


A list of some of the services we offer is given below. However, this list is not exhaustive, and we can tailor our services to suit your exact needs. For more information on our services or their pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We offer a translation service that will accurately convert your documents, including manuscripts, poster presentations and slide decks, from Japanese to English or from English to Japanese. As our team has highly-qualified members native in Japanese and English, you can be confident that the translated document will be written to a high standard and be an accurate representation of the original text.


Our proofreading service will ensure that your document is written in high-quality English. Your document will be carefully proofread to correct any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Our advanced editing service will enhance the content, structure and presentation of your document and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. In addition to proofreading of the entire document, the advanced editing service will improve the flow of the text and ensure that terminology and style are consistent throughout. The advanced editing service can also include the addition of new text to a document where necessary (for example, writing of an abstract), construction of tables or figures based on data you provide, re-organization of text and/or reduction of word count.


Using information provided by you, including data (e.g. tables or figures), details of methodology and key messages that require emphasis, we will draft a detailed plan to guide the subsequent writing of a document and/or construct a completed document that is appropriately formatted (for example, a paper that is ready for submission to the journal of your choice). This service involves several rounds of revision based on input and feedback provided by you, with great care taken to ensure that the publication plan or completed document meets your needs.


Our formatting service will ensure that your document meets all necessary formatting requirements (for example, to ensure that a paper is ready for submission to a journal of your choice).


The cover letter plays an important role in the screening process by which an editor decides whether to send a manuscript for peer review. Based on the manuscript you provide, we will construct a cover letter that briefly describes the main findings of your research, explains why your data are novel and emphasizes why your study merits publication.


We can submit a document (such as a manuscript) on your behalf, ensuring that all the required files and details are uploaded into the system of a journal or organization.


A well-structured and well-written abstract will enhance its chances of being accepted for presentation at an international scientific meeting. Using data and other information you provide, we will prepare an abstract that concisely and accurately summarizes the main features of your presentation and meets all the necessary formatting criteria.


Optimizing the content, clarity, style and layout of your poster will help it to stand out, enhancing the attention it receives at a busy scientific meeting. We offer a range of services for improving the quality of your poster, including proofreading, advanced editing and writing based on data and other information you supply.


We offer proofreading and advanced editing services that will enhance the content, structure, style, consistency and formatting of your slides, ensuring that your presentation is professional in appearance and delivers its key messages with clarity.


It is important that a thesis submitted for examination is well written and consistent in its use of terminology. Our thesis proofreading service, provided at a discounted rate for students, will correct any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, improve the flow of sentences and ensure that terminology and style are used consistently throughout. Please note that we do not offer advanced editing or writing services for theses submitted for examination.



Providing content in English is important for reaching an international audience. Our bilingual team will optimize the English text in your website or other digital content, whatever your requirements.


An application for research funding, a job in the clinical, academic or pharmaceutical/biotech sector or a university place needs to make a strong impression. We provide a range of support for applications that need to be made in English. Our services include advanced editing and proofreading of curriculum vitae, application letters and research plans and help with the acquisition, completion and submission of relevant forms.


We can help you to prepare for an interview that will be conducted in English, whether this is for a job in the clinical, academic or pharmaceutical/biotech sectors or for a place to study at university. We offer practice interview sessions in English (via telephone or video conferencing) and provide feedback in English or/and Japanese to help you be better prepared for the real interview.

For an overview of our pricing structure, please click here.

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